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Glymed+ Facials

Glymed + is entirely clean and are free of all sulfates, phthalates,mineral oil, parabens, and fragrences. Each product is tested to make sure it is efficant and safe, never tested on animals and is vegan free. Each facial using Glymed+ is customized to fit your skincare needs.

 Each facial includes:

Double cleanse, facial massage, treatment, masque, gua sha, jade rolling, serums, moisturizer, SPF, scalp massage, hand and arm massage. 

Dermaplane Facial $70+

Designed to exfoliate away hair and dead skin cells to improve the skins texture and tone. This facial will increase cell  turnover and  cell regneneration

Oncology Facial $65+

Help rebuild and strengthen your skin barrier with this facial that is safe for those going through cancer treatments or are one year post-remission. Each product works to hydrate, heal, and protect thin fragile skin. 

Men's Facial $65+

This facial offers a deep clean and anti-aging along with benefits for a manly glow. Also includes a beard treatment.

Acne Facial $75+

While this facial exfoliates and cleanses the treatment incorporates powerful oil absorbtion and soothing anti-inflammatory properties to eliminate inperfections at the source without being agressive.

Enzyme Facial $75+

This facial is compiled entirely from fruit and has many of the same benefits a chemical peel does without the harshness. Enzymes lower inflammtion, stress, is high in vitamin C, and will boost your immune system. 

Pregnancy Facial $65+

This facial helps safely and effectively exfoliate dead skin without harming or risking during pregnancy and nursing. 

CBD anti-aging Facial $80+

This facial actively targets dark spots, discoloring, and photo damage. With the innovative technology of peptides, Vitamin C, CBD, and Anti-oxidants these ingredients will brighten and refresh your skin.

Barrier Repair Facial $75+

This facial provides calming ingredients to restore and strengthen your skin barrier and the leaves the skin hydrated and smooth. Helping not only your skin but your mind,body, and sole

What Our Clients Say


Alayna Shaw

"Kynlee does an amazing job with spray tans and facials! I am so excited to try her other service offerings as well. Highly recommend!
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