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Discover what makes LANZA Healing Haircare the brand of choice for stylists around the World!

Healthy hair is the foundation for beautiful style, no matter what type or texture. Lanza uses the most advanced technology with perfectly balanced wildcrafted botanicals to heal, seal, and protect the hair. LANZA takes extraordinary care to hand - select from sustainable forests, jungles and woodlands throughout the world. Extraordinary healing powers of Mother Nature has been harnessed in all products, from color to styling products. LANZA is known for having the highest quality, best performing products in the industry. LANZA inspires to promote a sustainable future though numerous programs, actions and initiatives.


" we believe in the power of a more beautiful world" - LANZA

Our Testimony 

Studio32 believes in sharing greatness when found. LANZA performs beyond expectations and makes our art come to life. These products heal hair while 

 making you glow. It feels good to love something so much and we can actually watch it help others too! LANZA's foundation touches our hearts because they inspire to help others succeed. Kindness matters to LANZA and helping our world be a better place, which is something I am honored to stand by!


Ingredients Matter

Free parabens, gluten, PETA certified, sulfate - free, sodium chloride - free shampoos

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