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We are literally defining the future

Its time to get the opportunity you have been dreaming about down to the pay, education, team support and freedom of advancement. What makes Studio32 different from all the rest you ask? We care. We want to see YOU suceed and prosper. The beauty industry is tough and we want to help make it easier. We believe in working smarter not harder. Our foundation is based on kindness and acheiving goals. Each goal met takes you closer to a promotion that is well deserved. Have you been stuck with the same pricing for years or not experiernced with new trends in education? We believe in thriving with a community of like minded individuals who see the value in growth- big or small. Extend your knowledge from behind the chair into the business behind the chair. 

Most stylists quit their jobs between 3-5 years due to burn out, glass celilings, underpaid, boredom, expenses of supplies, under educated, and most of all lack of freedom. We have brought these issues together and created a program that fits each individuals needs which creates success and freedom. With communication within our workspace we can each love our careers and be independently resouceful outside of the salon and spa.   

We offer an Associate program that encourages new individuals with support and one - on - one coaching from another stylist until confidence and skill has been reached to enter Level 1, on the floor independently. Consider this a Master's degree in cosmetology after graduating from our associate program. Our intentions are to remove fear of jumping into this industry and falling flat on your face. Our program coaches skill behind the chair and businness foundations that will help you soar in the salon/spa and in your personal life. 

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Elegant Traveling 

Step outside the salon and experince beauty in new locations. Our bridal division of the salon is growing rapidly. Add makeup and upstyling design to your portfolio. 


Power of a Team

Brainstorming, encouraging and helping eachother be successfull. A positive work enviroment grows leaders, friends and true passion. 


Grow your business

Expand your business with opportunites to acheive promotions, expand your knowledge, and become in charge of your future at work and home!

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